lundi 9 novembre 2009

Vintage find: awesome rainbow kettle

i have trouble getting rid of things. things that i don't use anymore, things that don't have any more use... things such as old clothes, college notebooks and agendas, ancient doodles, magazines, posters, down to socks with holes and pens that don't quite work...

i also have this thing where i put things in my pocket. things i believe could be useful, but don't know in what way. things such as buttons, bottle caps, small cardboard boxes, tiny tin boxes, paper scraps, cute plastic bags, down to clothing tags and glass jars with nice lids...
if only my things were organized...
as though it wasn't enough, i even go through other people's things - things they don't want anymore - and i bring them to my overstocked home, fully not knowing what to do with them. these things i find at our local thrift shop.

i always love to stop by the thrift shop b
ecause i never know what i might find. it could well be nothing. but when i do find something, it makes my day :)

for the past year, i've been collecting little wood frames. i love how they are scratched up, here and there. i have yet to find beautiful pictures to put in them... but my latest find is the reason for this post:

she is truly a beauty. and if you knew me, you'd understand why.
retro pattern. wooden handle. rainbow colours.
that is one kick ass kettle, i must say.

i certainly don't need any more things in my tiny, messy, cozy, home sweet home, but when such awesomeness displays itself in front of my own eyes, with a 3.99$ yellow sticker... there is no doubt, no hesitation - only a smile on my face :-)

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