lundi 28 juillet 2008

Carotte’s lill helper!

We where taking pictures for our shop and my oldest daughter came by to see what we were doing. We decided to include her in some of the pictures. They came out nicely considering the fact that she was moving a lot! I found sometimes its challenging including her in my project. I guess the more she’s going to get older the easier it’s going to get.

- Caro AKA Carotte

mercredi 23 juillet 2008

Too busy crafting for blogging!

Four necklaces, three pair of earrings (See my "How to" to make feather earrings), one doll and a thousand of pictures later, this blog is a ghost town! I was planning to do some “How to” for some of my projects but I just got overwhelmed... Never less, it’s never too late to start so let’s star today!

The first one is easy: the doll I made yesterday.

It’s super easy because it’s not my idea and I was following the instructions and pattern from “The black appleavailable here. If you decide to do this project, make sure to watch the video because I tough the instructions alone were not so clear at one point.

This project was really fun to do. Even though I did not have a printer to magnify the pattern at 150% as it was suggest, I was able to do it anyway. The doll is just smaller and I had to hand sewed the arms and legs in place before I was able to use my machine to sew everything together. I use felt for the face and arms. I also made embroidery for the features of the face because paint on felt does not work so well.

- Carotte

mardi 15 juillet 2008

La petite fille au bonnet de bain

Quick post! Just wanted to share photos of an acrylic painting I did for Caro's little Alexia who turned 3 last june! It's actually a set of 3 small canvases featuring a sweet little girl sporting pretty swimming caps. I have absolutely no painting technique but I just loooove holding a brush!

- lychee