mardi 24 février 2009

How to : Delicate Fabric Flower brooch

I just love those fabrics flowers. So delicate with a touch of vintage!

To make this project you will need:

- Fabric (I decided to go with cream colored linen)
- A needle and some nylon string
- A pair of scissors
- A pinback
- Some feathers (if you like them :))

1- Download the template on Carotte & Lychee Flickr here for the small and large petal.

2- Cut 9 large petals and 11 small ones.

3- Take one petal and put a little piece of string as shown on the picture.

4- Pull the string to squeeze the fabric. Hold the tip and solidify it by making an other point with your needle and string.

5- You petal should now look like something like this!

6- Repeat steps 3-4-5 on all large the petals.

7- Take four of them and sew them together.

8- It should now look like this.

9- Now, sew 3 petals together.

10- Sew together the group of four and the group of three petals.

11- Finally sew the two remaining large petals together.

12- Sew them on top of the other large petals.

13- Repeat steps 3-4-5 on all small petals.

14- Sew them together adding each petal below the other so the middle of the flower will be nice and clean.

15- You now have two parts of the flower.

16- Sew them together.

17- Voilà!

18- You can now sew some feathers on the back if you like.

19- Sew a pin on the back

20- Your flower is now ready to be worn :)

samedi 14 février 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day?

I don’t particularly love Valentine’s Day. I think this is a very commercial holiday and if I must receive chocolate and/or flowers once a year, please, may not be on this day!

Tonight, I was not planning something special or romantic; I was just making borsch soup. I reach our in my cupboard to get 2 nice potatoes and guess what? Destiny sent me a perfectly hearted shaped potato!

Well, what can I say... Love is in the soup?

lundi 9 février 2009

My new lunch bag!

I was looking for a place to put some of buttons and pins so I’ve decided to sew a new lunch bag. It’s a really basic one that I created a real simple pattern with it. But I like it! It really does the job.

See "Carotte & Lychee" Flickr page for the details about the artist or the story behind those pins and buttons.

lundi 2 février 2009

Back from the dead: Lychee

I've been a bad little lychee...! At last the no-blogging guilt has made its way into the inner layers of my consciousness (it's itchin'! it's itchin'!!) and has left me feeling like a big sack of [ insert some rotten fruit here..., ie: lychees ]. Seeing how my partner in crime has been posting away this past week (you go, girl!) led me to kick me-self in the arse and say, in the wise words of System of A Down's Serj Tankian, "Wake up! Grab a brush and put a little makeup!"

Do not get me wrong; it is not a lack of topics nor crafty projects that has kept me away from the blog -
au contraire! I always take photos of my projects, whether big or small, and often enough, I wish to post them here with a little bit of writing, may it just be a sentence or two.

I have accumulated
quite a few photos of things I'd hope to show since my last post (PLEASE, DO NOT attempt to find it...) and I'm not sure I can possibly blog enough to catch up! But here I am and why do you insist on babbling?! Shouldn't you be posting a picture already?? (talking to thyself...)

Our supply of mini MOO cards was running low and instead of re-ordering the same ones, Caro and I thought it'd be a good time for some new designs. I had lotsa fun doing them and I'm really happy with the end results!

Alright, so this was just ONE of the many things I wanted to post and I will be doing the best I can to "catch up"... Please bear with me - it'll be worth it ;-)

Linen flower brooch

One night last week, I was bored. I decided to make a brooch in the shape of a flower in linen. I wore it at the office the next morning and got a lot of really good comments on it.

UPDATE : The "How-to" is now online for this project! Hurray :D