mardi 5 août 2008

How to : Feather earrings

For Lychee birthday, I made her nice feather earrings. I was surprise to see how easy it was to make them and how cool the final result looked. Furthermore, once you have all the supply you need to do them, they take 15 minutes to make! So this is my “How to” for this project.

How to make feather earrings

You will need:
- Feathers (you can get them in a craft store or fishing store that provides supply for fishermen that craft flies)
- Earring loops (dollar store)
- Foldable connectors (beads store or craft store [I found some at Omer DeSerres in Quebec]
- Flat pliers
- Small pair of scissors
- Mod podge glue (white glue can also be used)
- String

1- Choose three nice feathers and tied them together with a little piece of string. Cut the exceeding string as close as possible to the knot.

2- Cut the exceeding feather to keep only the length of the connector. Trim the edge of the feather to make the top as small as possible.

3- Put a little bit of glue or Mod podge on the top and the knot of the string.

4- Using your finger and the tip of your little scissor, press the glued part of the top in the connector.

5- Using the flat pliers, fold the connector on the feathers.

6- Insert the connector in the earring loop and close it.

7- Voilà! You have one earring. You just need to repeat the procedure to make the second one.

- Caro AKA Carotte

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Anonyme a dit...

So helpful, thanks!

Phoenix a dit...

Lovely. Your explanation is so easy to follow. Thank you

Carotte + Lychee a dit...

You are welcome :)

Jessica a dit...

Oh! I love it!!!!

The Beading Gem a dit...

Your tip about using cord end findings is brilliant! I will link and share with my readers in a future blog post. They've got to come and see this post!

RainSmurf a dit...

I just saw so many wonderful feather earrings at the lilac festival today! i was so sad because I couldn't afford the ones i fell in love with! thank-you for this wonderful post!