mercredi 29 octobre 2008

Project : pumpkin carving

I’m not really good at pumkin carving. I really wish I was! Some people a true artist in the pumpkin carving department like Scott Cummins or Nathan Wesling.

I’m not even close to be close to them! So this year I found this perfect project for me on the Martha Stewart Website!

Basically what you need to do is to be able to cut simple forms and then pin some of your drawing inside! What a clever way to make a nice, funny looking pumpkin!

Happy Halloween!

vendredi 24 octobre 2008

Ian's Shoelace site

Ok, I did not think that was possible... but this guy build a site with 34 different ways to lace you shoes! That really opens a LOT of possibilities!

Thank you Daniella for sharing this site with me! :)

lundi 20 octobre 2008

My quest for black and white stripes fabric in San Francisco

Even tough I did not find what I was looking for, my visit to the San Francisco fabrics store called Brittex was a nice experience. I was looking for a fabric with small black and white stripes and I could not find any :(

Furthermore, there were some cool fabrics but since I'm only sewing dolls and small things, I don't need that much So I end up buying only two pieces of fabrics. But there were so many cool patterns. I wish that every fabric store would have an area for crafter with small piece of fabrics at bargain price!

I have so many “in case” ribbon at home already and I was on the mission of finding black & white small stripes fabric but the ribbon section was definitively my favourite part of the store. The choice was overwhelming! I end up buying nothing there. But if I could I would have buy everything!

Ribbons ribbons and more ribbons!!!!!

The buttons section was also really huge and colourful. I could have spent hours looking at them and convincing myself not to eat one! They look like candy to me!

dimanche 5 octobre 2008

My Autumn Button

It's already fall... YAY! I used to hate the season. But not anymore! I have found a way to enjoy it: accessories! This may sound silly to some but I love leg warmers and beanies so much that at one point during the summer, I wished it was colder so that I could sport them...

Fall is also great because we get to feature my favourite fabric button from our shop, My Autumn Button. It was the first fabric button I ever assembled (before the birth of Carotte & Lychee!) and to this day, I find its colours and retro-like pattern to be the most charming..!

With the leaves changing colours, Caroline and I thought it would be a good time to take new photos of My Autumn Button. And this post is dedicated to my personal favourites :)

Happy Autumn!

- lychee


After hand sewing Keira's most awesomest striped leggings, I caught myself playing around with them (single finger gloves are the next big thing, I tell ya). This led to photo taking, which then led to Photoshopping...

Result: fun icons for Caro and me! Thought I'd share them ;0

- lychee