dimanche 15 mars 2009

Doll making: closeups

I love taking work-in-progress photos...
Here are some closeups taken during my doll making sessions.

Early doodles of Alice & Colin
Alice: paper to feltCarotte & Lychee tagsColin: waiting to be assembled

samedi 14 mars 2009

Doll making: part 2 or A Tribute to Hoodies

Do you remember Keira, our first little fabric / felt doll? When I first imagined her, I had in mind to create a series of 3 dolls: one yellow, one red, and one blue - all hooded. And this little trio, I wanted to proudly name The Hoodies.

I've only gotten to present you Keira, but Caro and I have since created Alice and Colin! Funny thing is they haven't actually made their way into our Etsy shop... It had been a while since we'd updated our work collegues on our Carotte & Lychee projects so we decided, one morning, to bring in and showcase our latest items at the office. At the time, only Keira and Alice were completed... And they were swept up the moment they were displayed! :) I was thrilled!! The only problem was that we had only made one of each and now they were gone! Although the response was fantastic, Caro and I did not have in mind to "mass produce" these dolls and also, since they take up quite some time and effort to create, despite their simplicity, it seemed "The Hoodies" would have to wait a little for their Etsy shop premiere.

So it's now months later, and having said all of this, I will say that they are almost ready! But before officially launching this little trio, I do want to come up with a nice way to present it... Perhaps each with their own little pouch to carry them in? I had fun creating this little doll for a friend of mine :)

I can't wait to feature The Hoodies in our shop! It shouldn't be too long now... ;-)

Fun facts
The first time I worked on Keira, I wore a yellow hoody.
The first time I worked on Alice, I wore a red hoody.
The first time I worked on Colin, I wore a blue hoody... Ok, no, this last one was a lie, but I swear I
just so happened to wear the same coloured hoodies as the dolls I was making, both times, both purely coincidental I swear! :)