mardi 24 février 2009

How to : Delicate Fabric Flower brooch

I just love those fabrics flowers. So delicate with a touch of vintage!

To make this project you will need:

- Fabric (I decided to go with cream colored linen)
- A needle and some nylon string
- A pair of scissors
- A pinback
- Some feathers (if you like them :))

1- Download the template on Carotte & Lychee Flickr here for the small and large petal.

2- Cut 9 large petals and 11 small ones.

3- Take one petal and put a little piece of string as shown on the picture.

4- Pull the string to squeeze the fabric. Hold the tip and solidify it by making an other point with your needle and string.

5- You petal should now look like something like this!

6- Repeat steps 3-4-5 on all large the petals.

7- Take four of them and sew them together.

8- It should now look like this.

9- Now, sew 3 petals together.

10- Sew together the group of four and the group of three petals.

11- Finally sew the two remaining large petals together.

12- Sew them on top of the other large petals.

13- Repeat steps 3-4-5 on all small petals.

14- Sew them together adding each petal below the other so the middle of the flower will be nice and clean.

15- You now have two parts of the flower.

16- Sew them together.

17- Voilà!

18- You can now sew some feathers on the back if you like.

19- Sew a pin on the back

20- Your flower is now ready to be worn :)

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