lundi 2 février 2009

Back from the dead: Lychee

I've been a bad little lychee...! At last the no-blogging guilt has made its way into the inner layers of my consciousness (it's itchin'! it's itchin'!!) and has left me feeling like a big sack of [ insert some rotten fruit here..., ie: lychees ]. Seeing how my partner in crime has been posting away this past week (you go, girl!) led me to kick me-self in the arse and say, in the wise words of System of A Down's Serj Tankian, "Wake up! Grab a brush and put a little makeup!"

Do not get me wrong; it is not a lack of topics nor crafty projects that has kept me away from the blog -
au contraire! I always take photos of my projects, whether big or small, and often enough, I wish to post them here with a little bit of writing, may it just be a sentence or two.

I have accumulated
quite a few photos of things I'd hope to show since my last post (PLEASE, DO NOT attempt to find it...) and I'm not sure I can possibly blog enough to catch up! But here I am and why do you insist on babbling?! Shouldn't you be posting a picture already?? (talking to thyself...)

Our supply of mini MOO cards was running low and instead of re-ordering the same ones, Caro and I thought it'd be a good time for some new designs. I had lotsa fun doing them and I'm really happy with the end results!

Alright, so this was just ONE of the many things I wanted to post and I will be doing the best I can to "catch up"... Please bear with me - it'll be worth it ;-)

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