mardi 9 novembre 2010

Cooking and Crafting for Breast Cancer

I always wanted to do something for breast cancer awareness. Each year when October came around, I would be on the lookout for pink products to purchase. This year however, I told myself that I could do more - something more concrete, something with more impact.

So I decided to throw my own little personal fundraiser at my workplace! Now the question was: how do I get people to donate? How do I make this interesting and rewarding for the donors? Well, why not offer "pink" products too? Items inspired by / made for the cause in exchange for your donations - this could work... :)

And so I did what I love best: I drew and I crafted, hoping to sell a few prints and handmade objects. I invited everyone at the office to make donations and also encouraged them to get involved with making products to sell... and boy did they! All delicious lemon-lavender cake, chocolate-banana-apple bread, grenadine frosted cupcakes, wonderful and unique artwork, even an autographed book..! This fundraiser turned into one GREAT event thanks to everyone's generous efforts and willingness (and sweet tooth! ;-)).

Here are some photos of the fundraiser products (I didn't think of taking photos at the very beginning of the event - I feel really sad about it...)):

Grenadine frosted cupcakes by Josie

Button badges by carotte & lychee

Artwork by urban9

 Book by Violaine

Artprint and magnets by me

My goal was to raise money and awareness for a cause that I very much care about, in a way that I very much enjoy, and the bonus was, to do it with people whom I'm very grateful and proud to share my everyday with.

- lychee -

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