mardi 22 avril 2008

Lychee's first post

So after watching tonight's episode of American Idol (yes, I am one of those... Go Davids!) and moving between my atelier and the living room, catching glimpses of the horrible-horrible (yes, it needs to be stated twice) Hell's Kitchen, I realized "hey, we have a blog and I haven't even touched it!" Shame on me...

Oh but what a treat it was to login and see two new posts from my partner in crime, Caro! You can always count on her to get things moving and that applies to just about anything! Just take this blog, for example. I mean you'd never find "blogging" on her to-do list, because let's face it, blogs are useless! But here she is, taking her precious time to write, to share the fun details of this newly undertaken but already favourite project of ours - the freshly launched Carotte & Lychee shop on Etsy.This must be one of the coolest collaborative work I've ever had the chance to be part of and I am so excited and happy it's actually happening! A huge reason why this project has been progressing smoothly and accordingly is that I am a spoiled brat who is lucky enough to be working with a friend who's got a head on her shoulders and well, is kickass. In her Sunday post, Caro wrote:
Vero (aka Lychee) is sooooooooo talented that she inspires me to use my creativity a little bit more. I’ve started drawing again and for that I’m very thankful that I’ve met her!
I apologize now for being a copy cat, but I will allow myself to be one for this exceptional occasion, it being simply and totally true:

Caro is fracking talented as well (up there is her original drawing of our logo!) and she inspires me to use my creativity at little more (oh and she has the weirdest / funnest / craziest ideas!). I too, have started drawing again and for that, I am sincerely thankful to have met her. I told her this before and I am delighted to know that it's mutual :) This is where I start crying, right?


2 commentaires:

Diane a dit...

Congrats on opening your Etsy shop! I like to go and check out my neighboring bloggers and stumbled upon yours today. All the best to you!

Carotte + Lychee a dit...

Thank you, Diane! I see that you've just opened up a shop as well, so congrats to you!! :D