vendredi 15 août 2008

How to : Origami Picnic Basket

The instructions for this project on Martha Stewart's website were so small and almost vague, that I’ve decided to make a how to help those who wanted to do the Origami picnic basket. Trying with paper first is a GREAT idea and help visualized the fold that needs to be done.

1- Take a square of paper.

2- Fold in two from left to right

3- Fold in two again from top to bottom

4- Then fold in two again from left to right

5- Make a squash-fold with the upper right corner

6- Fold in two the bottom corner right on the bottom corner left

7- Make a squash-fold with the upper right corner

8- Fold back the left bottom corner on the right bottom corner

9- Place the shape upside-down

10- Fold right upper corner in the center of the shape

11- Fold left upper corner in the center of the shape. The left part must be overlapping the right part

12- Turn the shape over and re-do steps 10 and 11

13- When working with paper, put one finger in the center of the shape to gently open it and with the other hand, flatten the bottom on the box.

14- Roll the border to make the handles.

15- Voilà!

When working with fabric, I found that the basket was unfortunately too soft to carry out my picnic. But it makes a nice box in paper :)

Hope it helps!

- Caro AKA Carotte

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newgloucester a dit...

These directions are wonderful and Thank you for your design!

Carotte + Lychee a dit...

You are welcome :)

Leeza a dit...

You have a wonderful flair for tutorials.. I love your feather earring one as well. Keep up the good work! You should consider selling them in the future.
Kindest regards
Lisa Charron

Anonyme a dit...

Love, Love looking at your designs, and the wonderful complete instructions. I will come back when I get some more time.

The original box was to be made out of oil cloth, so you can sit on grass and not get damp. (Unfolding the "basket" of course.

framboisine a dit...

wow, tres simple grace a vos explications. je n'y serais jamais arrivee avec celles sur le site de martha. merci d'avoir partage votre savoir-faire!

christy a dit...

One could always find a tray that would fit the bottom of the "box" so that when folded up, it has a stiff bottom and when opened up, the tray can be used for serving.

Carotte + Lychee a dit...

Christy, I love the tray idea!!!!! :D

Anonyme a dit...

Caro, this would be a picnic for a mouse!

Anonyme a dit... now carries a doublesided oilcloth that is perfect for the origami picnic basket!
Besides they have the best selection of oilcloth and ship all over the world!

Anonyme a dit...

When you scroll down the page quickly, it becomes a video