samedi 23 août 2008

The launch

It has been three days since the official launch of our Carotte & Lychee Etsy shop and I am still smiling!

The idea of a "launch party" came about the same way as the idea of Caroline and I uniting as Carotte & Lychee did, meaning almost jokingly! We opened our online shop back in may but haven't officially announced it to our entourage until very recently; we were waiting to receive some items to make our first line of products complete. And when we did receive everything, well, somewhat, somehow, someone (it was one of us, of that I am certain... sorta :S) joked around about having a launch party! Laughters set aside, we thought it would indeed be a great opportunity to present our creations to our friends. And it was thus decided that the Carotte & Lychee launch party shall take place in Caro's cozy and friendly backyard on a truly perfect thursday evening in august...

When I got started on creating the invitation flyer, it was only natural to me to choose a rocket to symbolize the launch. This worked out wonderfully as it led to rocket buttons (exclusive gift for the first 15 peeps to knock on the door!) and kickass rocket shaped cookies!

The few days prior to the big day were busy, exciting, and just a tad stressing..! The invitation was sent out to our friends and peers who responded with an enthusiasm that made Caro and I both happy and nervous! "What will they think?" we wondered while decorating Caro’s freshly baked cookies. The worry soon dissipated as playing with frosting in a tube was too much fun…

So came the day. Food and sangria were set up in the backyard. Balloons hung on the wood fence. Items layed still on our demo table. DJ play your song - all is ready. Our first guest showed up at 5:32pm and everyone else basically started flowing in from then on.

The turnout was just great, great, great! I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a good time! Caro’s basket of homemade/handmade goodies, which was the special attendance prize, drew loads of attention from the girls (and boys too!). The basket contained a pair of feather earrings, a doll (Anne-Sophie!), a squirrel pin, a big fat homebaked chocolate chip cookie and an also big fat jar of homemade strawberry jam… MIAM!

We are so pleased at the amazing response and support we received from all of our guests and we wish to thank you again – as our dear Frede would say, you rock ;-)


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