lundi 20 octobre 2008

My quest for black and white stripes fabric in San Francisco

Even tough I did not find what I was looking for, my visit to the San Francisco fabrics store called Brittex was a nice experience. I was looking for a fabric with small black and white stripes and I could not find any :(

Furthermore, there were some cool fabrics but since I'm only sewing dolls and small things, I don't need that much So I end up buying only two pieces of fabrics. But there were so many cool patterns. I wish that every fabric store would have an area for crafter with small piece of fabrics at bargain price!

I have so many “in case” ribbon at home already and I was on the mission of finding black & white small stripes fabric but the ribbon section was definitively my favourite part of the store. The choice was overwhelming! I end up buying nothing there. But if I could I would have buy everything!

Ribbons ribbons and more ribbons!!!!!

The buttons section was also really huge and colourful. I could have spent hours looking at them and convincing myself not to eat one! They look like candy to me!

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