samedi 7 août 2010

Pastel makeover

I found my old pastel crayons - mine and my brother's, actually (my dad labeled every single item we possessed!) - and they looked rather miserable. The tips were dirty and the piece of paper covering each crayon was peeling off. So I decided to give them a makeover.

First, I cleaned up the tips. Then I removed the pieces of paper. I wanted to wrap each crayon in a piece of origami paper but couldn't find my stash (typical me..). So I unfolded an old envelope, cut it into rectangular pieces and wrapped each crayon, dotted pattern - which was the inside of the envelope - facing out.

They looked so pretty, I thought they should be carried in a box that was just as neat. My second attempt at finding the pack of origami papers was fruitful and I settled for a nice green/white, arrow patterned sheet with which I covered the top lid.

To keep the box closed during transportation, I improvised a simple button + cord thingie.

 To finish off, I stuck a cute little sticker (thanks, Caro)!

- lychee -

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Caro a dit...

super nice! J'adore l'idée du bouton pour tenir la boîte.