jeudi 25 février 2010

a set of hearts for valentine's

A little card/illustration project I made for Valentine's day... a year ago! Actually, it started as a little something I did for work, which was the ace of hearts card only. I had taken out a deck of playing cards and laid them out in front of me for reference. I then thought it would be fun to draw the king. Then the queen. Then the jack. Then came the pattern on the back on the card - the neverending pattern...

At first I thought of simply tying the cards together with a red ribbon. But I fell on some left over red and white vellum sheets and decided to make envelopes.

So here is the four-card hearts set! It is a very "limited edition" as I only made 5 sets (none for me to keep!) which I gave to a few very lovely people in my life.

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