vendredi 2 juillet 2010

An Impostor in My Kitchen

When asked, "What do you cook?", I usually go with, "Ah, you know, basic stuff. Nothing fancy" or "Nah... I don't cook", although the second reply here is quite untrue seeing as I'd be seriously broke and not so healthy were I to buy ready-to-eat meals everyday.

Ever since moving out of my parents' cozy, all expense paid home, packed fridge, neatly set dining table, with absolutely no culinary skills nor concepts in my pocket - I have felt like the biggest impostor in my own kitchen. I cooked, yes, but I rarely found the results to be all that satisfying. I used to look up recipes here and there, and sometimes at only because they were simple and easy to prepare, but sadly, they were also very one-dimensional in taste... Though I realize it now, back then I attributed the bland results to my inadequacy in the kitchen.

While I've improved over the years, this feeling has followed me with no rest... until recently! I've discovered a marvelous cookbook through my friend Michael called The MediterrAsian Way, by Ric Watson and Trudy Thelander. It is richly packed with interesting, simple, delicious recipes that call for ingredients that are actually exist (ok, by that, I mean, ingredients that are easy to find)! This cookbook gave me hope that one day, I might just feel at ease in the kitchen and start enjoying the whole process of cooking. So thank you Ric and Trudy, you've turned my luck around! (And thanks Michael for lending me the book!)

Oh, and you'll be seeing a few food photo posts from me too! (Isn't Caroline doing an awesome job?! :))

Delicious MediterrAsian recipes: the website and the book!

Simple shrimp and asparagus, my favourite dish to make when I want something quick and easy.
Try it out!

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