mercredi 23 juillet 2008

Too busy crafting for blogging!

Four necklaces, three pair of earrings (See my "How to" to make feather earrings), one doll and a thousand of pictures later, this blog is a ghost town! I was planning to do some “How to” for some of my projects but I just got overwhelmed... Never less, it’s never too late to start so let’s star today!

The first one is easy: the doll I made yesterday.

It’s super easy because it’s not my idea and I was following the instructions and pattern from “The black appleavailable here. If you decide to do this project, make sure to watch the video because I tough the instructions alone were not so clear at one point.

This project was really fun to do. Even though I did not have a printer to magnify the pattern at 150% as it was suggest, I was able to do it anyway. The doll is just smaller and I had to hand sewed the arms and legs in place before I was able to use my machine to sew everything together. I use felt for the face and arms. I also made embroidery for the features of the face because paint on felt does not work so well.

- Carotte

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