lundi 28 décembre 2009

Painting wooden dolls

For a few years now, we've been holding a handmade Secret Santa tradition at the office. Although it usually takes me a great deal of time to come up with an original idea (it's the hardest part!), which in turn drives me a little nuts, I absolutely adore the challenge. I noticed that I always end up (risking) creating something that I've never created before. It's a great feeling to realize you can make something!

So this is what I made for Kim, a super sweet gal at the office!

I've been wanting to design and paint my own wooden dolls ever since I've come across Momiji and kokeshi dolls a few years back. Problem was: as simple as they are, I cannot carve wooden dolls! But then my friend Danielle told me they sold blank dolls on Etsy... I was ecstatic! I bought mine from Gemmie ( She offers great packages at awesome prices and sells her own creations too!

Besides penciling a few lines, I had no idea what they would look like. The boy actually started out blue and the buttons ended up on the girl. Here are a few making-of photos!

Pencil lines

After a few coats of acrylic paint

"Les petits écoliers" (french for "the little school kids") just popped in my head as I looked at them. So I wrote it down :)

Painted a little cardboard box and lined it with some origami paper

I am really happy with the results (so was Kim!)!