vendredi 31 décembre 2010

my love for wrapping things

Whenever I'd walk pass those gift wrapping stations in the mall during the holidays, I would often picture myself as one of the gift wrapping people ("gift wrappers"?). I absolutely ADORE wrapping packages... I can't imagine bringing my gifts to a station to have them wrapped by hands that are not mine.

From choosing the paper, to cutting and folding it, choosing the ribbon (so many different colours! but my favorite and classic go-to colour is of course, red!) and tying it, making and writing labels, attaching them... the whole process makes me so happy, I'd say it's a holiday highlight... :)

I'm not one to buy Christmas themed wrapping paper but on one of my rare trips to IKEA earlier this year, I found a lovely set of red-black-white patterned paper.

For these two weirdly shaped gifts below, I simply used silk paper and tied the packages with jute twine - my new favourite thing to use whenever there's something to tie!

My friends Jimmy and Hélène invited me to check out the Christmas market taking place at Le Chat des artistes, an old industrial building that has been converted into art studios and workshops. For the holidays, many artists opened the doors to their workspace and offered their creations for sale. One of my purchases were these funky turkey silkscreen wrapping paper from Espace Sérigraphie.

I would love designing my own wrapping paper one day... ummm maybe a project for the new year! And, if my schedule allows me, I would definitely consider volunteering as a gift wrapper for the Montreal Children's Hospital next holiday season. Hopefully, I'll be as cute as this lil' gift wrapper lady!

Oh, and a very happy new year, children! :)

- lychee -

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